Time to End TB

PAHAL is implementing a program to eliminate Tuberculosis because TB was the leading cause of illness and death among persons living with poverty,HIV/AIDS and large number of multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB) cases were reported every year. Awareness program at vulnerable and marginalized areas of Indore, Burhanpur and Barwani district. To increase case detection rate organization conduct meetings with village Health and Sanitation Committee, Youth groups, urban slums and ward members also conducted various community events to aware the communities on T.B.

IN RNTCP we are working with long term vision of a “TB free Barwani”, for Tuberculosis Control with the goal of ‘universal access to quality TB diagnosis and treatment for all TB patients in the community’. Under RNTCP a ‘National strategic plan for the control and elimination of TB have been integrated into the four strategic pillars of “Detect – Treat – Prevent – Build” (DTPB). In addition to awareness program PAHAL also supporting Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) in T.B. notification of private practitioners working in Barwani. PAHAL also provides ration of two months to poor patients to overcome from the disease.