In collaboration with National Health Mission (NHM) in MP, PAHAL in association with EKJUT implement a program to improve the health and nutrition indicators [especially to reduce IMR & MMR]. We work to provide support in training and implementation of Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach for strengthening of VHSNC to bring positive change on maternal and child health and outcomes of the state of Madhya Pradesh through community processes. The program intends to implement interventions that strengthen the ASHA programme, women’s groups and VHSNCs (Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committees),to improve people’s engagement and promotes community level action for better health and nutrition specially to reduce Infant mortality Rate & Mothers mortality Rate (IMR-MMR).

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) is an approach that can help bring the community together to identify, understand and address common health problems of the community. The process comprises of a series of meetings, in which community groups are encouraged to discuss, learn and engage in participatory decision-making that will enable them to take action to address local problems.